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The Beauty of Music

Take a minute out of your day and watch the video below.  1 Minute I am sure you will be happy you gave to yourself.

What did you experience?  If you are anything like me, certain music touches you and others drive you up the walls.  My husband took it upon himself today to change the car’s radio to a classical music station.  He thought it would relax me.  I am a mother of two preschoolers, why would I need to relax?  His good intentions went unrewarded as the type of classical music was just rubbing me the wrong way. 


Classical music, considered the purest form of music, can evoke emotions, and transcend beyond our situations and environments.  Claude Debussy can be associated with ethereal and dreamy notes.  Seeking energy, joy, and harmony? Look no further than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Ludwig van Beethoven… Even his name speaks of power, intensity, and emotion.  Would it not make sense that his music would be a reflection of the man? There are so many names and a range as vast as human emotion. 


This is the beauty of music. It has an ability to move beyond words and reach deep within our souls. I must admit that one of my fears is to lose that connection. We are in an age where we have never been closer to music than now.  It consumes us and follows us.  It is an unsolicited salesperson to our senses.  It can also be a companion and a confidant when we cannot connect with people.  The farmer plowing the fields or harvesting the crop often has a tune filling an empty space making a lonely and tedious task more bearable. 


But how do you keep this connection? How do I make sure I do not lose this unspoken language that only my heart can understand?


Protect your hearing.  When you lose your hearing, even a little bit, you start losing more of your connection to music and your community.  Music is beautiful, all of it, even the music that drives us up the wall.  What speaks to me does not speak to you and that is what makes it even more wondrous. Protect your hearing.



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