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All Hands In

Become a Friend

We don't see our members as a list of people to be consulted when changes need to be made.  We believe in friendship and relationships. 

By becoming a friend (member), you have the opportunity to have your say and be heard. (pun intended)

You can help us pave the way to success and shape an organisation focused on positive change.

The annual subscription for 2024 is $5.

Chose one of the options below and become a part of our circle.

Option 1:  Complete the online application below and pay online.

Option 2:  Request a Membership Application form through our Contact Us form.


I agree to paying the annual membership fee of $5.00 to Hear This Education Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated.

I understand that all my personal information will not be made available to anyone outside of Hear This Education Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated and that my rights according to the Privacy Act will be adhered to.

I understand that:

  • as a financial member, I have 1 voting right when votes from members are called.

  • I will be invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any meetings requested by the Board.


Please note that you are not obligated to attend the AGM or other meetings but it is recommended in order to have your voice heard.

You must notify us if you are unable to attend meetings so provisions can be made for postal or electronic voting.

Select an item ($)

Thanks for becoming a Friend!

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