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The best gift

Like many other homes I have two little ones who like being what they are – little humans.  Little people who are learning all sorts of new things and having new experiences.  My two-year-old has decided that he know makes his own breakfast, rice pops with no milk.  This often leads to a reasonable mess with the crunchie debris all over the table and kitchen floor.  I support their independence which comes with a bit of extra work for momma. 

My four-year-old little girl is the same.  She has decided that the handheld vacuum is perfect for cleaning messes.  I appreciate this immensely.  With her eagerness to help, it means she is growing independent and learning good habits.  Proud momma over here!  However, in my line of work and from personal experience, I know that I need to keep them save while learning some new skills. 


This particular handheld vacuum is quite noisy.  Enter the earmuffs!  Fortunately, our child had learned from a young age that earmuffs is needed for certain task, like mowing the lawn.  This morning when she grabbed the vacuum, I was quick to run and get the earmuffs which she enthusiastically donned as she proceeded to clean the table and floor.  I must admit, I had to take a photo and share my pride.


For me, the best gift I can give my children is making them aware of harm and equipping them with the tools to protect themselves.  This extends far beyond protecting their hearing. 


I know what noise-induced hearing can do and small actions can protect your hearing.  Earmuffs or earplugs are the best way to protect your hearing if the noise source is unavailable.  If we want other people to embrace healthy habits it is a good idea to lead by example. 

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