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Changing your focus

Caution:  Possible trauma trigger.


Why should I protect my hearing? I can hear. People get old and cannot hear well. It happens.


Well, yes, it does happen. Natural hearing loss due to age is something that will happen to many of us. The same can be said of wrinkles, bad knees, and a troublesome back. Sadly, people are experiencing hearing loss earlier in life. We can go about the old story that tells you if you do not do this – that will happen but not today.


The beauty of sound is often not appreciated at the moment we experience it. There are moments hearing gives us joy, but we do not necessarily connect the feeling with the ability.


Hearing children laugh with pure joy is perhaps one of the most beautiful sounds in the world because it expresses simple appreciation and pure joy. It translates innocence and speaks to the untainted child in us all. There is a connection with a simpler time when we did not concern ourselves with bills, mortgages, and work hours.


Hearing gives us opportunities and leads us down roads, be they simple or life changing. How many times have you stood in a coffee shop or queue waiting for your name to be called? Imagine yourself at a crowded party or at the airport, hearing your name called. You turn around and you see someone familiar. Someone you are so happy to see. What if you missed that connection?


Hearing can determine the difference between balance and distortion. A musician who tunes their instrument needs the ability to hear the difference between an off tone or the sweet spot. Many of the best mechanics can hear when a running engine has a wrong setting or faulty part. Doctors often use their stethoscope to listen to your breathing to detect any irregularities. It can help them in their diagnosis and potentially safe your life. DJ’s listen carefully to the beat of songs to get their mixes exactly right. It can mean the difference between moving your body or pulling your face in disgust. Sound Engineers use their acute hearing to create the perfect balances and pitches to produce the best sounds.


Hearing can save someone’s life, even yours. Imagine yourself during a search for a missing person. Nothing traumatic, keep it subtle. You walk around shouting a name and then you wait. You are silent. Somewhere in the distance you hear a faint “Help.”  That is it! You have found them. It does not end there though. You still need to shout their name waiting for another response so you can tell where they are. Without your perfect hearing, they might not have been found. You could be the person who they are looking for. Wouldn’t you want someone to have great hearing so your “Help” would be heard?


The rustling of leaves on a windy day. The sound of crickets on a warm day. The sound of animals when you go to a wildlife park. Hearing a car coming down your driveway when long expected guests are due to arrive. The first cry of a newborn baby. The cheer of a crowd as their team scores the winning points. The roar of crowds as the first of January arrives. How many can you think of?


Appreciate your hearing and what it enables you to do and experience. Protect it, not because of all the warnings but because you want to be a part of everything around you.


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