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My hearing loss journey - Lesley's Story

Lesley Mckone

Lesley Mckone has been an integral part of the "recent" history of our organisation. Without her and our other board members, we likely would not have been here today. Lesley's commitment is driven by her own experiences. She decided to share her story with us.

Hearing loss is a journey accompanied by unwanted companions, shame anxiety and isolation.

It’s a bit like looking through a frosted glass at life…you can see the outline, but the detail is elusive.

Shame comes from misunderstanding, anxiety from managing new unrehearsed situations, and isolation from giving up the struggle to stay abreast of the conversation.

You rely on context for meaning, get adept at reading a room and sometimes avoid social situations just because you know the energy output will be so great.

Hearing loss handicapped my career choices, caused deep frustration in my relationships and at times made me the focus of bullying being called ‘deafie’ at work. I have missed vital phone calls, hurt people who thought I was ignoring them, and lost opportunities for advancement.

Hearing aids are expensive, easy to lose and often left in drawers at home because it takes time and patience to learn to wear them.

My audiologist Lisa is my hero.

My aids are in my ears from morning until night.

I am grateful for them, am in older age much more relaxed about acknowledging deafness and am glad so very glad to be able to hear the wind in the trees, the ocean roar, and the sound of the doorbell at home.

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