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How did we get here?

A story of transformation - my point of view.

Part 1

Road through a valley

When I started working for Hearing Support Christchurch towards the end of 2021, things looked kind of gloomy. Our staff at the time had moved onto greater and better things for their futures and I stepped in to keep the boat afloat. Our offices were located at 30 Lincoln Road, Christchurch and me being based in Rakaia, it just made sense work from home. In January 2022 we officially changed our manner of operation from an office-based setting to satellite offices, with my home office being the administration hub.

But luckily that's not where the story ends.

After the changes with our office and staff, the board had put a great deal of thought into how we proceed forward. The answer was clear – we had to transform. Evolve into something that combined our old and our new. Education was the answer. With the increased availability of audiologist services and other not for profits assisting our community, it was clear the sector had changed from when the Hearing Association Christchurch was originally established in 1938.

We rebooted our education programme and with the help of Jane Forrest and Cheryl Coughlan we got there. Beverley Peterson, our well-established Rest Home Worker, continued to provide services to the elderly. All their hard work paved the way for setting new goals and reaching them. What are those goals you may ask. We want an Aotearoa / New Zealand where everyone knows how to protect their hearing against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Everyone deserves to be empowered.

And, at the end of 2022, we felt recharged and focused on the mission ahead.

Learn more in Part 2

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