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How did we get here?

A story of transformation - my point of view.

Part 2

Butterfly on a flower

Interesting fact about the butterfly:

For many years people assumed that butterflies were unable to hear. However, recent studies have found out that even though butterflies might not understand what is being said to them, they can hear it.

According to many scientists, the Nymphalidae species of butterfly can hear using methods such as neurophysiology and neuroanatomy. They have ears that are sensitive to sound that lie between the range of 500Hz to 6Khz. (Source: Do Butterflies Have Ears? | Wildlife Welcome)

Much like the butterfly we are emerging from our cocoon. What can I tell you about 2023? It was difficult and exciting to go through this change. Meetings, discussions, and many emails led us here to a new name, a new image, new website, and new identity but our DNA is still the same.

We still care for our community who are affected by hearing loss. Those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or have concerns for their hearing. My go to answer to any question is: Your Way/Kia Roha. They are a not for profit who had also gone through a process of transformation. We had worked closely with Life Unlimited who has become part of Your Way/Kia Roha. If you have any concerns about your hearing or need more information, Your Way/Kia Roha provide a range of services including Free Hearing Tests (I had one with them myself). You can get hold of them at 0800 008 011 or Your Way/Kia Roha. A special mention: Debbie Williams in Christchurch has always been there to help! Thank you.

Much like this piece I’m writing, my thoughts and memories of 2023 are scattered and sometimes incoherent. Imagine yourself mind mapping for an essay – all those thoughts written with seemingly no connection but when you look at the bigger picture, your essay body emerges. That’s 2023.

What comes next? Hard work. While we have strong bases in Christchurch and the Hawke’s Bay area, we will move to build the national structure to reach as many people in Aotearoa New Zealand as we can.

We hope you take this journey with us.

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