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A move into the future

This has been a big year of change. Here is something you might not have known. Hear This Education is not only a name change for Hearing Support Christchurch / Hearing Education Canterbury. It is also the result of joining forces with Hearing Education Hawke’s Bay. While Hearing Education Canterbury is based in the South Island, Hearing Education Hawke’s Bay is based in the North Island. Why not join forces? It makes sense. Here we are. We are no longer two entities fighting the same battle.

We are one.

We are Hear This Education Aotearoa New Zealand.

Stronger together.

One entity with a national directive.

You know all about Hearing Education Canterbury’s history but here is a bit of color for the other half of the union.


Known for many years as the Hastings Hearing Association, we shared advice and supported people with hearing loss in whatever way was required. As the years went by and more support became available, we looked for a more relevant way to support our community and in 2011 decided to go in the direction of education. We changed to Hearing Education Hawkes Bay (HEHB) and moved forward very successfully with education in all areas of our community. We developed a variety of hearing related education programs depending on the group and their requirements. As noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the main cause of hearing loss in NZ, this was covered at some level in each of our programs.

The main focus for our 'Hear This' program delivered in schools is on the prevention of NIHL.

We now have two managers, one in Hawke’s Bay and the other in Christchurch. Join us on this journey as we grow even stronger and spread our message across Aotearoa New Zealand.

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